Lightning fast email app for iPhone


Email is one of the most frequently used functionalities on mobile phones but it is also one of thе most cumbersome usability experiences for users.

Users still deal with apps where they have to tap tiny checkboxes which are four times smaller than their fingers and dangerously bend their thumbs to push little buttons on the bottom right of the screen when creating new email or reaching all the way to the top left corner for navigation inside the app.

Mobile email has been ignored by developers for a long time and only very recently several apps like Mailbox, Mail Pilot and Triage started addressing the email issues, but these apps are trying to revolutionize the way we use email instead of making conventional functionality actually usable on mobile phones.

Mail Ninja is the evolution of mobile email. We spend a lot of effort carefully crafting every UI element, testing and tuning everything with beta users, optimizing the way users interact with the email to make it fast, reliable and actually fun to use. In Mail Ninja users do not have to tap – they swipe.